Everyone Needs A Massage

Regular Treatments Will Keep Stress Down and Mobility Up!

The benefits of massage are many.

Improves sleep and helps boost your immune system.

Massage promotes faster healing of soft tissues, pulled muscles and sprained ligaments.

Deep Tissue Massage

Using firm deeper pressure with slow strokes to strip out and lengthen muscles. Releases stress, Ease pain, move easier and can lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Myofascial Release

The releasing of tightly restricted fascia, remove pain and resstore motion by holding gentle tension.

Relaxation Massage

A stress release in a relaxed place. Listening to soft relaxing music. Take a deep breath, calm your mind and separate yourself from reality.

Cupping Massage

Using a cup to create suction to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

Massage Rehab

Sports injury, motor vehicle accident or any other injury. Massage can help restore range of motion in joints and muscles and reduce recovery time.

Trigger Point Release

A knot (trigger point) that can radiate pain to another area of the body or just local to the trigger point. Massage can help with these trigger points that are found in your tissues issues.

Massage Therapy Helps Maintain Wellbeing in 4 Major Ways

  1. Reduces muscle stiffness, tension, pain and swelling, scar tissue being formed from an injury depression and lowers anxiety
  2. Relieves muscle spasms stress tension-related conditions: headaches and eyestrain
  3. Increases relaxation range of motion and flexibility the ease of movement
  4. Improves blood circulation and lymph movement posture health, wellness and creates a sense of well-being


Cupping Massage and Solid Bloat

Solid Bloat Our bodies are a “walking history” of our lives…every injury, illness, surgery and even toxic substances that we have been exposed to from conception onward may still be present in the tissues. The body is brilliant in its efforts to protect itself from the effects of personal history, yet the capacity is limited. The body has to store that which it cannot process and eliminate and the result is inflammation and stagnation…“Solid Bloat”.

My Massage Clients Say It Best!

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a massage now. If you get a chance to see Glendon for massage therapy, go! You will not be disappointed. Great at what he does and very informative.” Tammy Arsenault

“I have been to Glendon for massage and again he did an assessment before treatment which I found very helpful. Overall I have had great service and highly recommend him to others!” Lisa Calhoun

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